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In the fast skating world we live in, it’s easy to forget that most clothing sold in Canada is imported from overseas factories. Retailers rarely advertise the benefits of wearing locally-made apparel, so families continue to purchase these goods without knowing what they could be missing when they buy local! At Club Hockey Canada, we wanted to be different. We wanted to help you show your Hockey pride with clothing that is made with a personal touch and care by Canadians in Canada, and here are the reasons you should get excited about it;

“Made in Canada”, eh?

When we say our apparel is 100% Made in Canada, we mean it. Our line of clothing is high quality and is designed, created, and made by Canadians in Canada. What can possibly be better than having someone who loves hockey just like you and your family design and create a Club Hockey Canada hoodie? What else does Made in Canada mean? It means Club Hockey Canada is helping to keep and create jobs in the country we all love and boosting our own Canadian economy – which is pretty cool.

Why choose to only sell clothing that is “Made in Canada”?

At the end of the day, it’s important for Club Hockey Canada to help out all Canadians, not just those involved in minor hockey. By creating and keeping jobs right here in Canada, we’re doing just that. We’re also creating an opportunity for all Canadians to not only support minor hockey in Canada, but to support the great country we live in. Think about it, every time you purchase our clothing, you’re validating your support of your country and your hockey!

When we created our design, it was important to us to capture the essence of two things – the country we live in, and Canada’s game. So we got our best creative around a table, locked them in a room, and didn’t let them out until they had the perfect design. OK, that’s an exaggeration. The simplicity behind the design is what makes it cool. We chose icons that would really resonate with us and people who are as ‘hockey’ and as Canadian as we are; so, we took the maple leaf from the Canadian flag and the hockey stick from Canada’s game and GOAL! Club Hockey Canada’s design was born.

Jason and Davy

Meet Jason and Davy, the dynamic duo that bring our design concept to life. Jason is responsible for the sporty and practical feel of our garments. His drive and passion to stay on top of the industry make him the go to guy when the time comes to create new Club Hockey Canada apparel. Davy is the account manager who oversees the production of our apparel from point A to Z. Davy’s commitment to client satisfaction has earned him the alternate job title of “CEO of getting it done”.

Erin and Mark

Meet Erin and Mark, our experts of fit, pattern and quality control. Erin works simultaneously with the sales and production staff to plan and deliver crafted Club apparel to our members. A true team player, Erin’s excellent communication skills help ensure everyone is on the same page when crafting our cool gear. Mark is responsible for quality control, and ensuring Club Hockey Canada apparel is made in an eco-friendly environment. He has instituted an apparel recycling program that will reuse old clothing by shredding it, processing it into pellets of polyester, and reforming it into great new Canadian apparel products.

Lan and Feng

Meet Lan and Feng, our world class seamstresses responsible for bringing Club Hockey Canada apparel to life. With 28 years of experience between them, Lan and Feng are always a step above the competition. The love and devotion they have for their craft guarantees they will produce great Canadian garments every time.